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When a photograph speaks to you it reflects who you are, precious relationships, and like no other. It’s more than you ever imagined.

The only way this could be better would be if you could share it with others, anywhere, anytime – on your phone, your iPad, and Facebook. All of this makes the a T.Brown portrait much more than you ever imagined.

“It’s why we do what we do.”

​​The only photographer in the area

to offer what families and

seniors really want. 

A T. Brown Photography experience is very different from a typical portrait session. Few top photographers include digital images in their packages. Some require a minimum print purchase in order to get digital images, but they only offer web-quality images that can't be printed. And Many do not offer digital images at all.

T. Brown Photography includes full-resolution printable digital images in your package for very important, well-considered reasons:

  1. We know you want them! We realize that families want digital files for printing, web use, emailing, screensavers, slideshows, sharing, and more.
  2. There are very good sources for high-quality digital printing. We make it easy for you to order prints at affordable prices. A word of caution: some local printers allow the worker-of-the-day to determine the best color and to tweak settings as he or she sees fit, and you could end up with horribly inconsistent print quality.
  3. Great images create great prints, not the other way around. T. Brown Photography uses professional cameras and lenses, combined with technical knowledge and an experienced artistic eye for detail to insure high quality images which cannot be reproduced with consumer-level amateur equipment. Our images will result in high-quality printed when taken to a good printer, so you can get stunning professional prints.

Before your session you'll be able to schedule a convenient time in the same way businesses such as restaurants, salons, resorts, and other speciality services give clients the control and convenience of online scheduling 24/7.